2019 Legislative Score Card

How did our elected officials do this year when it comes to preserving liberty? These are the preliminary results based on how their votes were cast for the following bills. The results may change after the close of the regular session.

It was unfortunately desirable for SHB 1949 to pass as it requires a (hopefully) factual analysis to determine whether or not public safety in Washington can be improved by implementing a single point of contact background check system in Washington. It must determine whether or not this system would effectively keep prohibited persons from obtaining firearms while continuing to respect citizens rights to keep an bear arms, using both Article 1, section 24 of our state Constitution and the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States as the guidelines.

Fingers crossed that what we know to be true will come to the surface and it will get scrapped. We didn't have much option on this one either when considering the provisions of I-1639, I-594, and the FBI no longer doing courtesy NICS checks for CPL holders.

SB 5508 dinged everyone's ratings on the report card. This was a perfect opportunity to challenge the status quo when it comes to CPL licensing and it's requirements. Not a single Representative or Senator voted against this.

If your name is on this list, and you would like to dispute your grade, you know how to reach me as you have all received correspondence from me at your offices.

See how votes were cast here.

Top 10 Best and Worst Bill Sponsors

Friends of Liberty

Opponents of Liberty



Honorable Mention

Bob Furgeson

Leading the way in destroying liberty and installing an authoritarian government he has earned all the F's combined and then some.

This man and his ideas are extremely dangerous to the liberty of citizens as he continues to march forward on the war path to undermine both the state and US constitution. Not to mention he and his office apparently think the word "and" can also mean "or" so long as it means more money ripped from the hands of citizens and put into the state's coffers.

Try interchanging those two in your online searches and see what happens.

We gotta get this guy out of office.