Initiative 1639 - Safe Schools, Safe Communities

What I-1639 Actually Does: (Hint it doesn't directly do anything to keep schools or communities safe)

It infringes on YOUR 2nd and 4th amendment rights under the guise of public safety while preying on emotions and mis-information. Below are some of the bullet points with facts in bold and clarification and opinion in plain text. The full text of the initiative is available here. Interestingly enough and don't provide links to this. Wonder what they're trying to hide? Maybe it's because they are asking us to hand over our liberty, our privacy, and our money based on an average of 6.91 lives being taken by rifles annually in Washington state according to the FBI.

  • Defines ALL semi-automatic rifles as "semiautomatic assault rifles" - A major misnomer as assault rifles are a type of machine gun. If passed language would likely make it easier to ban or confiscate based on mis-information.
  • Does NOT prevent 18, 19, and 20 year olds from possessing "semiautomatic assault rifles" - Only bans the purchase, and specifically exempts the possession of "semiautomatic assault rifles." (More Information)
  • Establishes "enhanced" background checks for "semiautomatic assault rifles" which includes a firearms registration database for not only "semiautomatic assault rifles" and pistols purchased, but "semiautomatic assault rifles" and pistols applied to purchase, as well as applications for CPL and non-resident alien firearms licenses - Big Brother beware! State considers an application a waiver of doctor patient privilege and can investigate your medical history and will also be actively tracking you. (More Information)
  • Requires on-going background checks of all entries in the database to continually check for firearm ownership eligibility on at minimum an annual basis, if not more frequent. - Big Brother beware! 4th amendment nightmare! Search and potential seizure without your knowledge, but with your implied consent by exercising your second amendment right! (More Information)
  • Secured gun storage regulations could put you at risk for being convicted of a felony if your gun is taken and used in a homicide - You could loose your 2nd amendment rights based on the action of another individual. Secured gun storage is loosely defined and is based on what someone else's subjective definition of what is reasonable.
  • Firearms safety classes that must be renewed every 5 years in order to purchase a "semiautomatic assault rifle" - You must pay to take a class on: basic firearms safety rules, firearms and children, firearms and suicide prevention, secure gun storage, safe handling of firearms, state and federal firearms laws
  • Mandatory 10 business day waiting period in order to take possession of your "semiautomatic assault rifle" - You must wait 10 business days to pick up your Ruger 10/22. Doesn't matter if you have a CPL. You can take home your new 7 shot GP100, but the Ruger 10/22 will have to wait.
  • Taxes defined as fees paid by the purchaser of "semiautomatic assault rifles" in order to fund the Big Brother operation - The money has to come from somewhere I guess

If they were really focused on keeping our schools and our children safe, maybe they should consider locking the doors while school is in session, requiring visitors to be buzzed in. Monitoring entry points and hallways with CCTV. Maybe in the mornings and the afternoons have staff available to monitor what is taking place in the hallways and entry points. I know it doesn't happen everywhere. I've worked in the schools in King and Pierce county, and security is pretty lackluster to say the least.