Gun Control Bills

This is a list of bills currently in session. These lists will be maintained as best as possible, however they may not always be current. Links to where to find the bills and their current statuses are embedded in the page below. This list is made available to help people get informed of what's happening in our state and in our country so they can address their representatives on the issues at hand.

Washington State

Current status of these bills can be found here. Firearms specific bills here.

2019 Bills

HB2103 - 53 Pages of Liberty

HB1286/SB5340 - Assault Weapons Ban

2019 Washington Gun Control - Legislative Overview

SB5061/HB1073 - Undetectable Firearms

2018 Bills

HB2329/SB6173 - Exempting CPL Holders From Public Records Requests

HB1725/SB6476 - CPL Holder Background Check Exemption

HB1015 - Carrying Concealed Pistols

HB1270 - Tax Free Firearm Safety Products

SB5795 - Firearms Liability Insurance

HB1004 - Firearms in a State of Emergency

HB1190 - Squashing the Handgun Owners Database

HB2422/SB6049 - High Capacity Magazine Ban