Lean more about gun violence statistics both here in Washington State and at the national level. You may be surprised to find that the data doesn't match the message being promoted by mainstream media, billionaires, and politicians.

The message that is being promoted in light of this data raises questions about their motivations. It is time to think more seriously about what the Second Amendment means, and why it is becoming more and more important to consider.

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The gratuitously misleading Initiative 1639 managed to get voted in. While this is quite tragic for all Washingtonians, many do not understand the full implications of this law.

Luckily the Second Amendment Foundation, the National Rifle Association, and some individuals have filed a lawsuit on our behalf.

Learn more about the lawsuit and what Initiative 1639 actually does HERE.

Learn About Gun Control Bills

HB2329/SB6173 - Exempting CPL Holders From Public Records Requests

HB1725/SB6476 - CPL Holder Background Check Exemption

HB1015 - Carrying Concealed Pistols

HB1270 - Tax Free Firearm Safety Products

SB5795 - Firearms Liability Insurance

HB1004 - Firearms in a State of Emergency

HB1190 - Squashing the Handgun Owners Database

HB2422/SB6049 - High Capacity Magazine Ban